Foundation Budget Update

The Tryton foundation is happy to annouce that we achieved four of the goals :partying_face: from the foundation Budget. With these resources we will be able to:

  • Maintain our infrastructure for the current year.
  • Create an infrastructure overview so it’s possible to get offers for the infrastructure maintenance for next year.
  • Buy a new Mac mini to support Apple Silicon.
  • Improve the contents of the current website, including more detailed explanations of Tryton’s main features.

Here’s a photo of the MAC Mini we purchased:

The server is already deployed and ready to be used by our development team.
We expect that the work on the other topics will soon be started, and we’ll keep you informed about their progress.

We are still missing some funds to reach the goal of Building a new code review system but the year has not ended yet :wink: So, if you want to help make it happen please make a donation.


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