Infrastructure Overview

I am refering to Foundation Budget Update which is closed. Therefore I am opening a new topic for this question (please guide if there is a better way).

According to the post above and in the light of Improving contribute guides - #10 by ced I would like to ask if the Infrastructure Overview is available at some place?

AFAIK is still pending to be done. It should be public when done.

As there is ongoing discussion about budget: I think it is really important to get this done. The Foundation Budget for 2021 has made a supposedly sensible prioritization for the budget points. When aiming for more budget the points already covered by sponsoring should be settled first.

  • Several incidents (e.g. floods in Liege) have shown that it is a quite vital requirement.
  • It was intended to be used to get offers for the infrastructure maintenance for next year. We are quite late…
  • Besides that it could have served as another meaningful base in the decision process about the future of the codereview tool. A decision that apparently was already taken, but that is not reflected on nor a compelling result of Taking care of infrastructure.

I think it can be an inhibiting factor to get more sponsors in the boat as long as funded items are not dealt with.

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Do not understand what you want to mean. But just to clarify with the current donations we will need to priorize the codereview server in front of the website contents improvements and the purchase of the new mac mini (which is already purchased so we can not change that).

It will be easier to get more funds to get all the topics done.

This is unrelated as the codereview server is not on Liege.

I know we are a little bit late, but we have not received any notice of anyone interested in taking care of the infrastructure. If Anyone is interested please send me a PM an we will find a solution for that.

As no step have gone to implement anything there is no need to comunicate anything.

I agree with that but as we do not have more people taking care of the foundation tasks we can not do more. Please note that money is not the only way to contribute, contribution can be also done by spending some time on doing tasks for example.

Are you speaking here as a private person or with your foundation hat on? IANAL but I doubt seriously that one is allowed to change the usage of earmarked funds in this way.

The location of any service used by the project should be part of an Infrastructure Overview.

I see that someone has changed yesterday Foundation Budget for 2021 at least to no more contain to get offers for the infrastructure maintenance for next year. Again I have strong doubts that this is an elegible and legally compliant way to deal with the subject. IMHO this change should be reverted ASAP.

I was just doing some maths to make it clear that we can not do more without more money :man_shrugging:

Just checked the post edit history and I do not see any change related to this sentence. Indeed such sentence was not included on the original post.

It seems you do not have any intention to improve anything (just criticize others work). So I will no more reply until that changes!

Apologies from my side! The relevant sentence is in Foundation Budget Update and is there untouched.