Double click on OS Ventura 13


We have two users who have just switched to mac OS Ventura 13.
They are experiencing a problem with mouse pointing when trying to filter.
For example they click on the calendar it displays the calendar and when they want to click on a date nothing happens as if the click did not exist anymore.
In the same way, when filtering by category, the categories are displayed and then when you click on one nothing happens.
We have installed the latest version dating from November 2022 but even with the old version it is the same.
Do you have any idea or do you have the same problem?
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The build machines are still on 12.x. We need to be slow on upgrading because Support older MacOS version
So for me it looks like a compatibility issue between GTK and last Mac OS.

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Hi Cedric,

Thank you very much for your answer!
Do you have an approximate date for the switchover of construction machines from 12.x to 13.x?

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Have a nice day and happy holidays!