Strange blinking in popup windows

When a popup window opens, a strange blinking is observed in it for a moment.
If there are no open windows except Tryton client window, then the desktop wallpaper flashes.
If there is a window that is placed under Tryton client, then the content of this window blinks.


  1. Open a browser window with this page:
  2. Open the Tryton client.
  3. Open the popup window “About tryton.exe”:
    Before this the following picture is seen for a moment:

We observed this effect in Tryton 4 + GTK 2 and also in Tryton 5 + GTK 3.
Is it a bug of GTK or not?

For me, it is just the GTK/Window takes some times to draw the window. Check if you have enough CPU power and/or good driver for your graphical card.

Of course, our computers are not very powerful.
But we do not observe such an effect in other applications.
So, we think this is a small bug of GTK.