Default desktop pop-up window sizing

In the 5.0 gtk, we find that the pop-up windows start too small, and we need to manually expand them. Is there an API for adjusting the initial size of these windows?

There are two cases for popup:

  • the form opened from a One2Many or a Many2One, which are using the same size as the parent window (minus some border if it is the parent is the main window)
  • the wizard which has the width of 200 px and an height computed by GTK.

In more recent version the wizard has also a constraint to not be greater than the parent window and if it contains expanded widget (like One2Many or Many2Many) than it take the size of the parent.

There is no way for the server to force any size to the client and we still have some issues with some view like Issue 10648: 2nd window in a sequence too low-in-heigth - Tryton issue tracker

Thank you for the explanation.

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