Problem and some questions with calendar view in GTK client

I have created a calendar view and came across some problems and questions regarding the GTK client. I have updated to the latest goocalendar from goocalendar: log (version 0.6), but the issue is still there. So when you have multiline calendar items like

WB0003023 // Do some work
High priority

they overlap. It seems that only one line is allowed because one line is visible. I don’t know if this is something from goocalendar or is it Tryton client specific? You can see the behaviour when you log on into the and go to the production calendar.

Next some questions:

  1. If I compare the calendar view with Sao, you can drag the item around, but in Sao you can also change the end_date and start_date by making the item “longer” or “shorter”. Will this also be possible in the GTK client?
  2. Is it possible to do coloring based on the operator / employee? We want to give each operator a color and each item in the calendar with that specific operator should have that color.

It would extremely nice to have those in the calendar.

If there are not enough space, it is what is happening but there is an arrow to warn there are more events.

See the screenshot. Those are productions 26 and 27 from the demo5.0. As you can see number 27 is overlapping 26.

Yes, you can use the background color and the color attribute of the calendar view as explained on our documentation.

Yes that worked quite well! But it didn’t fix the overlapping of the agenda items.

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