Default production input move location


Is there any reason as to why stock_product_location only evaluates the outputs in order to change the move to_location?

Right now when we produce the ‘Product A’, this product goes into “Warehouse 2”, but when a ‘Product B’ is produced, which requires ‘Product A’, the inputs of ‘Product A’ are being taken from the default warehouse, instead of the warehouse specified on the ‘Product A’, “Warehouse 2”.

A production order is linked to a warehouse so it takes products from this warehouse storage location and it output into a location of this warehouse.
If your requirements are in another warehouse, you must define either a provisioning location on storage location of the warehouse or a provisioning location on the order point of the product. This will create an internal shipment to fill the warehouse with the needed products for the production.

I think my case would be this one since I could have a warehouse for say plastics and another warehouse for organics and my production has to get products from both of those. With the first option if I understood correctly it would only fill the needs from a single warehouse.

But I did not understand what you mean with “order point of the product”. Could you explain it please? Thank you

Order points are described in Stock Supply Module — trytond_stock_supply latest documentation

Thank you. I’ll look at that.

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