Replenish operation from storage to picking

In the case, customer shipment assign, if there is no enough stock in the picking location.
Is there any automation process which can trigger internal shipment to replenish from storage to picking location?

Best regarrds

You should use the stock_supply module. Once activate you have to update the “Picking Location” setting it’s provisining location to “Storage”.

With this setup tryton will create internal shipments to supply all the needs of the “Picking Location” from “Storage” when the “Supply Stock” wizard is executed.

If you want to automate it, there is the possiblity to schedule a recurring task to create internal shipments automatically.

Hi @pokoli, thank you.
I have look in it. I think it solve my queries.

However, could you tell me the different between Storage Location vs Provision location and overflowing location?

  • Storage location is where you store the goods.
  • The provision location defines the origin location from where the internal shipments will be created when there is a need of products
  • The overflowing location is used to move the goods when there is an excesive quantity of it. This quantity can be defined using produc t order points.

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