Can a Product Instance be 'Moved' to an Asset Account?

I am learning the basics of Tryton. So, I have a question on a use case.
Typically, (for example with Quickbooks) one can account for a fixed asset by debiting Cash, and crediting an Asset account. When doing so one would enter a description of the asset, in free form text.
I have not done this yet in Tryton, but I believe I will be able to figure it out once I set up my Cash, and Asset accounts, and do an opening balance. I am not asking here how to do this. It will be my learning to get this done.
What I am asking is as follows:
When doing the above, one describes the newly acquired Asset in a text string, i.e. a Desk. This would be a Desk for running the company from.
So, given that Tryton provides a Product capture facility, and it is pretty nice, can one use a Product that is already described as a Product (in a text string) in Tryton, and in effect move an instance of a Product into an Asset account? Like a Desk.
I assume that the intention of the Product facility in Tryton is to manage Products that a company produces. But it sure would be nice to use this facility for internal company use as well.
I can describe the Product as an asset now, and I can depreciate it. But I cannot see clearly a method of doing a move on a specific Product instance to an Asset account.

You can install the account_asset module and some information about what it does can be found at Account Asset Module — trytond_account_asset latest documentation

The module account_asset is used to manage depreciation of asset.
If you just want to book operation on asset, you can just use the “Type” asset on the product form.

There are not yet document to register the consumption of a company product as an asset.

Thank-you Cedric.
When in Product I did select Asset for Type. The product does show up in Assets, and I can see depreciation.
When in Product, selecting Accounting tab, and setting Account Category, the clicking out the Account Category name itself shows page Account Category. On this page I set the Account Revenue, Account Expense, Account Depreciation, and Account Asset.
Looking at Moves, I can then see the depreciation, after doing a Create Assets Moves. Good.
However I do not see any change to the Asset account that I have in the field Account Asset in the Account Category page described above.
Are you indicating from your response, that auto entry into the Asset Account is not supported yet?
I could understand this as to get something into an account requires a second accounting move line, i.e. from Cash.

I do not understand what you are expecting?

I do not understand what you mean?

Since I entered the Asset Account name (it was Furniture) in the Account Asset field of the Account Category page, I had some expectation that the Asset Account (Furniture) would see a posting. If not then why would one enter this account in this field?
In fact the Create Asset Moves wizard would not work until I had an Asset Account in this field.

What happened? The answers were great and really quick.
This last question is the key part of the questions. Is there an answer for it?
Thanks in advance …

Why? For which reason do you think the system should post anything in the accounting just because you setup an account on a category?
It is difficult to answer your questions because it is not clear what are your actions.
The asset account is used when posting a supplier invoice for a product of the type asset (at the time of posting) and if it is a depreciable asset.

Please calm down. This forum is run by people on their free time. They will answer to you when they will have free time to give you. You can wait 8h…

Sorry, I didn’t think I was uncalm. I was enjoying the conversation. I thought it was a compliment. You are quick, and articulate. I was on a path to learn, and it is hard to give it up.
Anyway, I think you answered it above re the use of the asset account.
I just didn’t fully understand why the asset account was needing to be indicated on the Account Category page. I still don’t but I guess I will have to post an invoice to see what happens.
Thanks for you help. I will not ask any more questions.

The asset account is used instead of the expense when a supplier invoice is posted with a product of type “asset” and depreciable.
Later on the asset depreciation, the expense account is debited according to the rate and the depreciation account is credited.