Products: Account Category

When editing a specific product, there is an Accounting tab to the right of the General tab.
In this Accounting tab there is a field called “Account Category”.
I cannot find where the input choice is setup.
I see Account Category in another place: Financial:Configuration:Account Configuration:
There is the word Category above 2 fields: Default Account Revenue, Default Account Expense.
So, does Account Category mean: one of Revenue or Expense?
How to populate the Account Category field in Product?
Apologies in advance for another basic question. I see some discussion about Product / Account Categories, but I cannot process this as a new user.

It is necessary to create the corresponding accounts and account types, the creation of accounts can be found at, being this site still under construction and not yet official
In the following images there is an idea and you can complement it with the official Tryton demo with the user demo o admin:


Account Category

Account Revenue

Account Type Revenue

Account Expense

Account Type Expense

Many thanks Alnus. I have reproduced this and it works.
Now, I will have to go back and gain understanding.
This gives me a basis to do that.

The Account Category gets added to products by the account_product module, so you may also want to have a look at the account_product documentation. Which is currently being worked on and a temporary preview of it is available at

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