Howto change a Product Category structure into Product Accounting Categories

In the online-demo, there is a product category “Papers” (ATM there are two categories “Papers”, but this is another topic), having children A3, A4, Ledger, etc.

According to, “all the categories in the structure must be either standard categories or accounting categories”.

How can I convert the whole “Papers” category structure into Product Accounting Categories?

  • When trying to check “Accounting” in “Papers”, this is not allowed since there are non-Accounting children.
  • When trying to check “Accounting” in one of the children, this is not allowed since the parent is non-Accounting.
  • The only way I’ve found it by moving the children out of the parent, change “Accounting” for all (parent and children) and move them back. While this is feasible for a shallow structure, it is impractical for deep structures.

Hi Hartmut,

I think you’ve found the only way to do it from the desktop and web client.

I know this is a pain to do for deeply structured categories, but it is not something that I would expect you would need to do very much (or at all). Normally once the product categories have been setup you don’t need to change them much.

You may need to make major changes if you are reorganizing your products, but in this case you are unlikely to want to change from one type of category to the other. And if you do you may be better off recreating the structure with the other category type so you can move your products over in batches. In fact, if you are using a category as any product’s accounting category you won’t be able to change it to a standard category at all.

Sounds reasonable.


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