Update asset wizard

I’m trying to understand the update asset functionality of the account_asset module, when I change the asset value inside the wizard and press enter, a user error window pops up saying that the product doesn’t have an account category, even if the product does have an account category with accounts.

Debugging the code it enters inside the “default_show_move” function and it asks for this field: “account_depreciation_used” (‘depreciation_account’: asset.product.account_depreciation_used.id)
But I can’t find that field in any view, so I can add an account.
There is a “template_property” for account_depreciation_used, but I’m not aware of its functionality.
My question is the following:
How can I add the respective accounts to the product for the correct use of the wizard?

There should be an “Account Depreciation” field on the accounting category that must be filled.

For some reason that field and Account Expense were replaced in some view inside a custom module of my workspace.
Adding those back and fill the accounts solved my issue.

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