Purchase product kit (asset/goods)

Sort of lost here both with product kits and, as well, with the product type asset for goods…
I’ll explain.
We buy from a supplier a power tool kit

which is a kit having a part number 3562345, composed of
1 x 2063020 (the rotary hammer drill w/serial number) + fixing clip
1 x 2122285 Hammer drill bit
1 x 282268 flat chisel
1 x 282264 pointed chisel
with naturally a standard kit price and a quoted(with reduction) kit price for our purchase.

First, what is the best way to create a kit with the composite product list?
Seems that a BoM is a bit heavy needing apparently a production(?)

trytonspain’s trytond-product_kit seems interesting for this, any experience using it?

(one might ask why the detail is necessary on purchases, bear in mind inventory is not only for counting stock but assets too (with their asset number), and where stocks and assets are valued differently, it is the composite products that are found in general (non stocks) inventory)

Secondly, normally a ‘goods’ is either activated as an ‘asset’ or placed in ‘stocks’ according to straight-forward methodology including a decision (in the case of tools in the French PCG) whether or not the utilization will surpass the current fiscal year excepting cases of single use tools or special order by a particular client.
Tryton extends the type of a product to include ‘assets’ which means for some cases, the same product needs a template for ‘assets’ and for ‘goods’ which is rather surprising, in a formal sense.
In a practical sense, we have products migrated from our legacy system where the conversion to ‘assets’ didn’t happen and now, after the fact, we have a purchase of the above as ‘goods’.

How to set this straight now in a practical manner? (we do not yet use Tryton’s amortization capabilities in account_asset, which is done by the accountant). That is, the invoices account and taxes are correctly set to assets… is there anything particular that needs to be done?
I try to understand if I need to cancel what was done and recreate the product as ‘assets’… but if that is only to get amortization by Tryton and nothing else is really a tangible problem then perhaps it is okay, in the end, to ‘manually’ activate the ‘goods’ as assets via the accounts/taxes such as has already happened.

Clarity please?

Trying to see how to modify the product to set ‘assets’ for the worst case it give the error that the type cannot be changed because there are stock movements.

Actually, we caught the error in the supplier shipment where we cancelled the shipment.

Initially couldn’t set it back to draft because it was based upon a purchase.

Deleting the movement directly (from the stock movements list) seems to work though and am able to get the supplier shipment back into draft in able to delete.

Tried to change to type to ‘assets’ again on the product but the same error as before.

Unfortunately, it seems the movement comes back automatically in draft mode waiting for a shipment to be created without other action even though there was no processing action launched.

Shouldn’t this have worked?

That is, why is the move recreated before I click ‘handle the shipping exception’ ? Things should be effectively stalled for the affected product.

I can not say if the topic is about product kit or asset/goods.
Please set a single subject per topic.

? Both. I have a product kit with asset issues as well as no breakdown into its composite products.

As said, please break this topic to have a single subject per topic.