Purchase of product kit

It sometimes happens that product kits are purchased (the kit itself) rather than these components from a supplier, how could this case be handled?

It depends on how you use/sell them. If you seel them as a kit is just a good which is composed of several components that you do not care.

If you sell them as separate components you just need to create a product kit that is purchasable and when receiving it Tryton will create the required quantites for the cmoponents

the product kit can be sold/bought in a conventional way, that is to say that a sale of the kit will generate a need for the components and therefore a proposal to purchase these components. Or it is possible to buy the complete kit directly from the supplier.

Then it is not really kit but just a single product that you can purchase or produce. In any way the business must rationalize its supply chain.

the kit is good because it is not necessary to have an additional operation (such as production) to deliver it to customers. Especially since we do not deliver the kit, but these components. Is production doing that?

In a perfect world it is surely possible.

But you purchase/sale the components together or split?

If you sale and purchase them as kit, it is a single product.
If you purchase as kit and sell the components by it’s own, it’s a purchasable product of type kit and it’s components as salable.
If you purchase as components and sell them as kit, its like previous example but the other way arround. Purchsable components and salabe product of type kit.

In this case, we buy and sell in kit, but we deliver and receive components.

I agree, but the question comes on purchase requests, how to trigger purchase requests on the kit, when it is its components that are on delivery?

What is the point? Use a simple product, there is no advantage to divide something that your not selling divided.

because there is a serial number on one of the components of the kit. It is this component which is maintained/guaranteed and which will be returned by the customer if necessary.

Why not store the number on the kit?

The serial number used to identify a kit component that will be under warranty/maintenance. It is this component that will return for repair if necessary (not all the kit)

Looks like you are creating problems where there is no need.

ok management by kit is not the best.
how would you do? we have about 5 components in the kit, one of these components is serialized and requires warranty and maintenance. The other reason to use the kit is so sales reps don’t forget the components when selling. This kit is usually purchased from the supplier. and as said above, the component under warranty can be returned for repair.

I have the feeling that we do not have to care the only a part is under warranty, this can be modeled with a single product.

Otherwise it will require to improve the stock supply to group purchase requests for component into a single for the product kit.