Sale complaint actions


Here are some more actions that would be really useful in sale_complaint:

  • “ship again” : send again some products when some were lost or damages during the shipping
  • “return” some products of a sale when already sent (currently it’s only possible to cancel the sale and have return shipment + credit note), i.e. have only the stock part of the action without the accounting one. This happens when lost products were sent again and finally the package is returned by the carrier…
  • “cancel the client shipment” when the sale is confirmed but the shipment is not already done.

If the “ship again” is used, I do not think this should be managed by a complaint. If you get back from the carrier the lost product, you just create a return shipment manually to acknowledge the event. The customer has nothing to complaint.

I think it will be very complicated because when the action will be applied, it is not guaranteed that the shipment has not been done. Indeed I think it is better to cancel the shipment directly. And I do not think it is a complaint management because the customer can not yet complaint about his order as he did not receive it yet.

In our cases, the client complains but we rarely get the lost product from the carrier, so we need to send again without waiting for a return.

Maybe I don’t use the right words. We are in a sale process. The sale is entered and validated, the shipment is generated and the invoice. But the client changes his mind and doesn’t want anymore the same content shipped. How can we cancel the sale, the invoice without a return shipment (since it wasn’t shipped)?

Then it is not a complaint but an amendment on the sale.

I’m wondering if we should allow to generate an amendement based on a complaint.

I do not see the point.
For me, amendment is to change before doing and complaint is to change after doing.