Purchase complaint

Is there a forecast for a purchase complaint module (analog to the sale complaint one)? I suppose it would require the purchase return feature first (see https://discuss.tryton.org/t/allowing-negative-quantity-in-purchases/748).

What would be the point? What do you expect to manage?

Sometimes the product sent by our suppliers don’t fit our specifications. We want to return the product received and/or order the product again and/or ask for a credit note. Also we want to manage the complaint, to send it to the supplier and to have it registered.

You can enter all those operations already. I do not see the point to create an extra form which could not handle all specific case of suppliers. For me it is just like we do not create supplier shipment, we should not manage the supplier complaint workflow.

IUUC what @jaarias wants to keep record is if the complaint has ben sent to the supplier, if the supplier has given a response for than and which solution ofered the supplier: sent another for free, return it issue a credit note.

Then it is general communication which should not be limited to supplier but to any parties: Party Related Activities

It makes perfect sense to track supplier complaints. Companies want to know how many complaints they’ve had per supplier in order to know if suppliers are good or not. Usually you’ll want to register what kind of issue there was: quality, wrong product, or whatever categories you want to track.

This kind of information is required by some certifications, such as ISO.

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Unlinked? Who must create the return shipment? And the credit note if it is needed? In my case, the acknowledge of the product is made by the quality department and when they see something wrong they write a complaint to the supplier (by e-mail) and register it in an Excel sheet. Then they have to notify to the purchasing department and/or invoicing department.

I think there should be a connection between purchase complaint and sale complaint as a complaint of a customer could result in a purchase complaint if the damage of a product has not been noticed by the quality department as they sometimes only can do random sample examinations.

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