Resend shipment in bad state

On selling plants for example, one shipment can be delivered in bad state.
There is any logic in the customer returning the plant cause it’s no longer usable and we don’t want a death plant in stock.
Also a new plant must be delivered again to the customer.
Which is the Trytonic way of doing this?
For me the best solutions are in order of preference are:

  1. creating a return shipment to a lost&found location (not possible for the domain of warehouse) and from the sale managing the shipment exeption.
  2. only duplicating the shipment
  3. new sale with price 0.

Thanks in advance!

It should be allowed if the lost&found location is defined as a waste location for the warehouse.

This will still be linked to the sale and so you will have over-shipping which will be corrected by a return. So the order of operation will seem wrong.

This is not very good for reporting and statistics.

For me the best option is to use sale complaint to make a return of the complained quantity of the line.
On the sale return, you add another line with the same quantity (but positive). You should have a total of 0.
Now it would be good to have complaint managing this exchange automatically. And it will even be better if the sale could hold the shipment until the return is received.

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Thanks, I will investigate further this module and try to improve it with your suggestions.

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