Close a sale with pending items

According to this conversation I’m going to explain my needs and maybe it’s useful for others.
Many times a client order, for example, 10 units of a product and we just have 9. In that case we send that we have and if the client wants, when the missing its ready, we send it in a new shipment. This its totally supported by the core sale module.
Many other times the client doesn’t want we to send it product alone, so we cancel the pending of the sale, marking it as ready.
At the time we can make an Amend to the sale changing the qty to the sent and in that way the sale its marked as finished and no new shipments for the pending are created. This process its very long and specific (you have to choose each pending item and change the qty) when you just want to cancel all the pendings.
The proposal is to create a new module that allows the user to quickly “amend” the sale to the sent qtys and products or just to ignore the pending shipment and invoices.
I think this feature also probably will work for the case that a client cancel a processing sale. At the time we have to “finish” it with the shipment and the invoice, and then “Return” it.

I think it’s good to keep the amendement to have a record on the system that reflects that the customer indicated that they do not want to recive the pending quantity.

What do you think about adding a button to amendement that will update each of the lines to the sale to match the current sent quantity? So all the lines are automatically created and the user only has to confirm the amendement.

I agree.

I think it’s a brilliant idea. The famous “dos cabezas piensan más que una”.

This feature joined to a quickly link from the sale to an Amendment of it self would be very useful for the users. Example: I select the sale, with one click I’m doing an Amendment of that sale, other click fills the lines, and the last click confirm the action.

Indeed the ammendements are shown on sale but only if one exists.

Probably we should add an action to sale which executes a wizard that asks for the type of amendement, which by default may include:

  • Manual (will open an amendement without lines)
  • Keep only send/received quantity (will create a line with send quantity for each product sent)

The resulting amendement will be shown to the user so he can review it before confirming.

Same can be done for purchase.

Totally agree.
How do we advance?
We could try something going in that way and then we share it to hear recommendations, or what is the normal proceeding in this case.

Once we agreed on the desing the next step is to develop it

As I can see turning all the qtys of the lines to 0 in an Amend cancels the sale. This feature, plus the proposed its perfect for us. It solves the problem when a sale its canceled before is shipped and also the sales partially shipped.
Only one exception its remaining: its the case that the sale was confirmed, “shipped” but not already invoiced, and in that moment its canceled by the customer. The best would be to “Cancel” the shipment with a return shipment but whitout invoice any of both.

That’s why I was talking about “send quantity”. If we use the quantity already sent the amendement will cancel the quantity pending, which will be all the line if nothing has sent. So it will work for both cases.

Indeed there is a method on sale line which computes this quantity.

Well I do not think it is an amendment that is described but a back-order settings.
As far as I understand the customer just say that he wants up to 10 units of a product. So for me, this means selling 10 units with no back-order.
This back-order setting may be generalized as a number of allowed order + a checkbox to allow cancelling remaining or prevent to do a partial shipment for the last one. (It is a little bit similar to the sale_shipment_tolerance module).

So I do not think amendment needs a way to massively amend a sale. For me, it does not seem to be a common practice.