Question about Supplier Invoice and Account Payables


I need an Account move as below:

Dr Main Expense
Cr Main Cash

I want to use Supplier Invoice and Pay to it, but I don’t want account payables appears in this case. Can I do it?
Please guide me this case.
Thank much

Not really, Tryton is built on accrual accounting.
But you can create manually such move.

Thanks for your reply.
You mean I can create manually in Financials > Entries > Account Move right?

Yes it is more complicated especially if you have taxes to apply.

Yes, in another case, I have taxes to apply.
I think using Supplier Invoice is the most exactly :slight_smile:
But we pay to Supplier immediately, Account Payables do not appear anytime.
Do you have a clue for me in this case? Thank you very much.

What is the point to skip the payable?
You create the supplier invoice and than register the payment. At least you have a unique workflow no matter when you pay.

The payable is a liability, if I create the supplier invoice and than register the payment, total debit and credit of Payables account in General Ledger - Account is increased - it is not correct, though balance payables account is still correct.
I am concerned with total debit and credit of payables account.

Why would it not be correct?

Do not be.

Because I have to create account move as blow:
Dr Expense
Dr Tax
Cr Cash.
Please see this picture here:

The Correct General Ledger - Account will be (1).
If I create Supplier Invoice and then Pay, the General Ledger - Account will be (2). It is not correct with our country’s account standard
You can see the different between (1) and (2).

Then your country is unique.
Could you point for documentation that describe this requirement in your country?
Official accounting reports usually do not care about debit and credit but only balance.