How to create account move for goods on the way

Dear Community,

When goods still on the way, I receive Invoices from Supplier, so I create a Supplier Invoice, account move is:

Dr Account Goods on the way (Account Type of this Account: Balance Statement, check Assets and Stock)
Cr Account Payables

When goods arrived storage location of company, account move is:

Dr Account Goods
Cr Account Goods on the way

My problems are:

  1. In Supplier Invoice Lines: I can not choose Account Goods on the way.
  2. How can I create the second account move? (Dr Account Goods/Cr Account Goods on the way)

Please help me to solve this, thanks much

From which country do you require such accounting?
Normally the invoice debit an expense accounting not a stock account and you do not increase the sock value until you actually receive the goods.

Dear Ced,
I’m from Vietnam.
When I receive Invoice from Supplier before I receive goods, I have to increase the stock value like that. Because in the list of accounts, we have Account for goods on the way (please see my picture I attach here). How can I do it in Tryton?

Thanks much

Usually such accounts are not filled during the exercise but only to record a correct value at the fiscal year closing and cancelled at the beginning of the new fiscal year. (similar for the “Cost for work in progress” which is probably for running production). Creating a wizard that does that, may help the user.
I do not see any advantage to post such accounting move every time.

Indeed there are some companies that also do an unique move at the end of the fiscalyear to account the inventory value (when not using account_stock_continental module). Normally each fiscalyear (or period) the diference beetwen the previous valuation and the current valuation is accounted to stock.

I’m wondering if the wizard you are proposing should be able to create such move also.

That’s another similar wizard. It will not be flexible to have a single wizard that does everything.

At the end of period, an Accountant received Invoices from Supplier but Goods still on transit or waiting for custom clearance, they have to record a payables and taxes of the Invoices. So the value of the goods is recorded to a Purchased goods in transit Account. It’s like importing goods into a transit warehouse.
Thus, the management is stricter and more realistic.

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