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I was working with account_payment, and I works well according to

I have some question about these case.

  1. Create and post a customer invoice, it generates an account move ( Main Receivable / Main Revenue ) and update the receivable amount of the party, and in the invoice the Amount to Pay is updated too.

  2. Create a payment, select the journal, Kind: receivable, party: the same that in the invoice, line: the created in the invoice. In the amount only put the half, after click on aprove botton. process the payment and after click on Succed. The amount to pay of the invoice is updated (if zero remain the invoice is updated to payed state too). Up to this point all right.

  3. How to generate an account move of the generated payment an update the receivable amount of the party. Maybe I am missing some step in the process to update these. I can’t find more info how to update the account move and the receivable amount of the party with these module.

Thanks in advance.

You can use the account_payment_clearing module to get early move that updates the receivable of party before registering the actual statement with the payment.

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I tried it and works well, simple to use and useful. Thanks!

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