Print receipt when pay an invoice


I have the follow case:

  1. Create an invoice
  2. Post an invoice
  3. Pay partial the invoice → Print a receipt of the received payment
  4. At the end of the day I need to get the sum of of payment received in a report.

I’m not sure what is the best way to do it.

Thanks in advance!

For me it sounds like a POS requirement: Issue 8737: Point of Sale - Tryton issue tracker

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It could work, the only thing is that sales, account and stock are different users, not only 1.

Not sure how to manage these case.

Another option would be to transition to the “General Journal” report to print the move that was created by the “Pay” wizard.

Could you give some example of it? After press the OK button, is possible to open (or direct print) a report with the detail of the payment?

Tryton already has a payment lines but I don’t now how to print it in a report.

Thanks in advance.

The result of the transition_pay must be a new StateAction instead of end.

StateReport can also be used for printing Reports.

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