Printing payment mode on the receipt

:wave: hello, can someone tell me the best possible way to the payment method used in paying invoice to appear on the invoiced receipt when printing.

Which receipt are you talking? The POS receipt?

Invoice receipt(tryton invoice module)

I guess you want to instruct the customer how to pay the invoice.
So the payment information are usually put on the invoice template or using the company footer.

You can use payment terms. Just add a description text for your payment term like Payable in 30 days net and the description text is printed on the (original Tryton) invoice in state Posted.

The invoice is printed after payment has been made, when i click on pay a pop up appears asking for payment description and me to select cash payment and invoice is paid, now on printing that invoice it dies not specifically which payment method i picked which is cash on the printed receipt

So if I understand well, you are using Account Invoice Watermark Module to display “Paid” on invoice report. But you would like to display also information about the paying line.

It is probably possible to customize the watermark to include information about the payment lines. But it will always be only a watermark. The base of the invoice can not be changed once the invoice is posted (it is a legal requirement in many countries);

I understand you, once invoices is posted it cant be edit back which is okay now after posted you know we need to pay the invoice, paying the invoce would allow you to select payment method after this is completed, the next stage is to print out the invoice, so on the print out we dont have the payment method included making us find it difficult to know if incoice was paid with cash or pos

So now in the invoice.odt file i dont know how to call the payment method on the invoice so it will print it

For me it is not obvious that you print after paying.
It is much more common that you print the invoice (because it is the mean to get paid) before being paid.

For me it sounds like you try to use the invoice as a POS (because you had use receipt). The Sale Point Module provides the tools to run a retail shop which is the common case for cash payment.

Why do yo need that?
What do you mean by “pos”?

I need that because i dont yet use the sale point modules and pos mean point of sales(another alternative to payment apart from cash)

Also the invoce modules suit the business model