Invoice receipts in Tryton ERP

Hey guys,

I’d like to know whether there is a way to create invoice receipts in Tryton ERP.

When an invoice is fully paid by the customer the state of the invoice is changed to paid and the invoice is reconciled. If an invoice is partially paid, all the payments are listed and when the invoice is fully paid the state is changed to paid and the invoice is reconciled.

I’m kind of confused, if Tryton ERP in some way can create invoice receipts documents according to the payments made to invoices.

Thank you for all your time.

Not sure to understand what you mean by “invoice receipt”. If it is a payment receipt, there are none in base because we do not have yet a point of sale.

But you can create your custom report no? Not like nvoice report , more like partial payments report using the Invoice model, and then print it into pdf . If I understood your question .

Hey @ced and @German, thank you for your answers.

Yes it is a payment receipt. I thought I could create it in some way by some Tryton ERP module that I was not aware of.

Yes indeed, and that’s what I am currently doing. It’s just that, in Angola, there are taxes only applied to receipt documents, meaning that the company only pays certain kind of taxes when actually receives the money.

There are no problems with the Tryton ERP approach, because either invoice taxes and receipt taxes, can be included in the same document. In this way, the document must be called Invoice/Receipt.

I just wanted to clear this out.

Thank you all

Then you should use account tax cash module as it manage that.

Hey @ced. Good to know that :wink:
I will try it out and see what I can get.