Migration tools from OpenERP to Tryton

Dear all,

First, I would like to congratulate you about Tryton. With OpenERP away from the Open Source spirit, Tryton is a valuable alternative. The community seems very well organized and I will do my best to collaborate starting maybe with French accounting.

I have an old installation of OpenERP 6.03 (before it went OOOish).

What tools can I use to migrate data to Tryton 4.4?

Kind regards

We have this script openerp2tryton which tries to migrate the main data depending on the activated modules. It must be run on a fresh initialized Tryton database. There are some json file to pass which contains dictionary for some conversion of OpenERP id to Tryton id.
This is not an out of the box solution, it probably needs to be customized depending on your needs and you may need to sanitize a little bit the OpenERP data because they tend to have inconsistencies.
Good luck.

This looks cool.
Though it seems to be for tryton prior to the ir.module.module migration.
So far, for 4.4, I’ve needed to remove the second ‘.module’ and change in a number of places ‘install’ to ‘activate’)…
there wouldn’t be a current version?
it’s sort of like hiking the Verdon in pitch black…

We update it from time to time when we got a migration to do.
But fill free to send us patches to keep it up to date with latest series.