Migration from xTuple Postbooks to Tryton

Earlier this year, xTuple announced an end to the free/open source Postbooks. The version of Postbooks available in Debian and Fedora still works but to my knowledge, nobody is currently working on new features, bug fixes or anything else.

As Tryton packages are widely available on the same platforms, like Debian, people may be tempted to migrate from xTuple/Postbooks to Tryton.

Has anybody already performed a migration like this?

Can anybody point to resources about extracting the data from xTuple / Postbooks?

Can anybody point to resources about importing the data into Tryton?

As I did some of the packaging for this, people send me queries from time to time and I’d like to direct them here to find possible solutions.

I did once a complete migration (10 years of data) from OpenERP v5 to Tryton. Thankfully the person at the company was a experienced accountant with technical knowledge. This helped tremendously because he understood the complete business. We also did many test runs and checked them before we did the definitive migration.

What I did was write a script which reads data from the OpenERP database and put it into the Tryton database. Because I knew the relation between the database tables etc, I was able to migrate all the data.

In the end when everything was migrated the accounts had to be cleaned up because Tryton is very strict which is good.

So if xTuple is open-source and you understand the code and how the database is organized you should be able to write a (general) script which migrates the data.

We wrote a script openerp2tryton which read data from the OpenERP database and create records in Tryton using proteus.
I think this could be a starting point to write a migration script from different data source (like xTuple Postbooks).

I took at quick look at your script ced, and the proteus info, pretty over my head right now. I would be willing to invest quite a few hours of labor writing a script if I had a template or how to of sorts to follow, but I’m assuming it’s much more complicated than that. I’ve really gotten a late start on my switch over from pb already… I’m guessing it would cost thousands of dollars to hire a service provider to do it and would it end up being specific to a single pb database?

As far as I know once the free license expires it will be impossible to keep using pb.

As far as the source database hase the same structure the script can be reused as much times as needed. About the costs it depends on the amount of information you want to migrate.

The packages in Debian and Fedora run indefinitely, they do not check the license key and they do not expire.

People thought the license key checking was a legacy thing from before they made it available as free software. Here is the patch, you may be able to apply it to any other version/packages.