Get demo script over several versions

I see some changes happen to demo script, and I’m getting lost.
Can someone help me in

  • getting old versions for 6 and 7 series
  • understanding the recent changes
    Thank you

It was moved into tryton repository so it will be maintained per series.

You need to dig into the history of tryton-tools like before.

ok, but leads to 404

following Tryton / Tools / Maintenance · GitLab, I could dig the history and see the script back as before deletion. Just remembering it used to be here is the key.
The last version I got is the one I used for Tryton-7.0.
Was it modified for Tryton-7.2 ?

BTW, it’s great to get it embedded and versioned.

Because now it is moved to Tryton / Tools / Maintenance · GitLab