MacOS client error on attachment TypeError: %d format: a number is required, not unicode

Hello Dear tryton team,
I not sure if this is a bug or it is just an error from my side.

I am getting this error, when trying to attach any file using desktop client.
Using sao seems to work, also linux and windows client, but using tryton-4.2.9.dmg. I am getting the error, I though was a client-server version mismatch, but I have 4.2.9 in server an client.

Any clue or workaround to solve this issue? thanks

Error below :slight_smile:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/ced/4.2/tryton/tryton/gui/window/”, line 195, in sig_attach
File “/Users/ced/4.2/tryton/tryton/gui/window/”, line 22, in init
TypeError: %d format: a number is required, not unicode

It is no more supported.

The translation of the string uses wrong qualifier, it uses %d instead of %s.

Thanks for the quick reply Ced, I tried to change on linux the %d for %s on but did not work. I will see if I can use only sao on MacOS
Kind regards.

You have to recompile the po file into mo file. You can use: python compile_catalog.

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