Error on tryton-sao.js when trying to attach image to a product

The following error appears when I try to attach an image to a product:
Uncaught TypeError: ColumnFactory is not a constructor
at ClassConstructor._parse_field (tryton-sao.js:13491)
at ClassConstructor.parse (tryton-sao.js:8967)
at ClassConstructor. (tryton-sao.js:13484)
at NodeList.forEach ()
at ClassConstructor._parse_tree (tryton-sao.js:13483)
at ClassConstructor.parse (tryton-sao.js:8967)
at ClassConstructor.init (tryton-sao.js:8848)
at ClassConstructor.init (tryton-sao.js:13565)
at new ClassConstructor (tryton-sao.js:119)
at Function.Sao.View.parse (tryton-sao.js:8894)

I think it has been fixed by Issue 8337: FIX typo BinaryColumn in tree view - Tryton issue tracker
If not, please report an issue on