Translations in Tryton Client 5.x

We found that some of our translations do not work in Tryton Client 5.x, but they work fine in Tryton Client 4.x. Here are examples of texts that have ceased to be translated:

Could not connect to the server.
Incompatible version of the server.
Unable to check for new version.
"%s" is required.
The values of "%s" are not valid.
"%s" is not valid according to its domain.

It turned out that these texts contain a dot at the end in py-files of Tryton Client 5.x, but they do not contain a dot at the end in po-files. What the mess is this?

Source text was wrong (because it missed the end dot) on previous version and they where fixed. So you should update your translation files.

But as far as the language is included on our translation instance this task should be already done by the translator.

On which language did the translation belong?

If the source texts were fixed you had to fix tryton.po files in tryton/tryton/data/locale folder.
I mean msgid strings, not msgstr strings.

Russian. But tryton.po files are not fixed for all languages.

I see that the Rusian transaltion for tryton client is not complete.

Completing them will help fixing this issues for next versions.

I’m not talking about translations at all.
If you change messages in py-files, you should change the corresponding msgid strings in po-files.
And this applies to all languages, not just Russian.

Aha, that’s why some translations didn’t work for me either. But when you look in the trunk version, the “dot” is removed from the py-files, so the msgid is the same again in both py and po-files.

So hopefully that change can be backported.

Po files are synchronized from before major releases. is synchronized every month.
Once released a series do not allow modification of translatable strings.
So I see no problem here.

@bell Please use proper series definition. Using 5.x means nothing as it cover 5 completely different series + the development branch.

I still see the dot on the source code of the trunk version. Could you clarify what you mean in this sentence?

I didn’t check everything, but as an example look at tryton: 624d7e510f0a tryton/gui/window/ There you see the different warnings (L316, L318, L638, L642) without a “dot” at the end.
When you look at the same file for version 5.4.x, there is a “dot” at the end of that same warning. Looking in the po-file of version 5.4 for the translation the message-id (msgid) is still without a “dot” so those two don’t match and translation fails.

I found that tryton-tools failed because the tycho machines was missing python3-setuptools. The script does not fail because the extract is run in a sub-shell.
So the tryton translations were no more updated since the reinstallation of the machine. I have fixed the dependency and next update should include the changes.


We have checked versions 5.4.8 and 5.6.1 of Tryton Client. There are still dots at the end of messages in py-files and dots are missing at the end of corresponding msgids in po-files.

You will have to wait the next major release to have new translations.

Why should we wait for the next major release? It is very uncomfortable.

It is the rules: no translations changes in bugfix releases. And more over we do not have the tools for that.