Tryton GTK client is not fully translated into French when French status is 100%

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After enabling French and updating modules, the GTK client displays localized text in French.
But the main GUI of GTK client remains in English. Tooltips are also in English.

Tryton translation server ( seems to offer module translation, not the main GTK interface. On Pootle, translations are marked 100% done in French at the time of writing.

How do I display GTK interface in French?

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This is a problem with my configuration:
is translated

I am running Debian:
echo $LANG

How do you installed the client?

If you are running the client for source, translations must be compiled with running:

 python compile_catalog

Once you have compiled the catalog, restarting and reopining the client will cause the translations to appear.

Hope it helps

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Got it, thanks. I was running directly without compiling translations.