Action text disappear in buttons

(Jean-Christophe Michel) #1

In sao as well as in the Mac Client, the text on the buttons for Out Shipment and Sale disappeared last week. We can see only the icons (< > X). The only operation I did on the server was updating some translations, but these buttons are not in the list of the customized strings.
Is it a known bug ? how could I get the texts back ?

(Cédric Krier) #2

I would bet that the translations for those module are empty.

(Jean-Christophe Michel) #3

Tried to empty the override/*.po files, update the module with trytond-admin, then Set translations then Clean translations then restart client. Same thing.
How can I restore the modules’ original tranlations, if they were messed by an erroneous override/*.po file?

(Jean-Christophe Michel) #4

Solution: trytond-admin -c my_conf -d my_db --all

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