Language Translation Error when trying to create new record

I’m just starting, and I get this error when trying to create a new record on any of the modules.

“The value for ‘en_US’ for field ‘Language’ in ‘Translation’ is not one of the allowed options”

This is my debug output from the client, not sure if it helps:

INFO:tryton.rpc:model.product.template.create([{‘account_category’: None, ‘active’: True, ‘default_uom’: 1, ‘list_price’: Decimal(‘99.000’), ‘name’: ‘Test Product’, ‘producible’: False, ‘purchasable’: False, ‘salable’: True, ‘type’: ‘goods’, ‘consumable’: False, ‘cost_price_method’: ‘fixed’, ‘lead_time’: datetime.timedelta(0), ‘products’: [(‘create’, [{‘active’: True, ‘code’: ‘’, ‘cost_price’: Decimal(‘0.000’), ‘description’: ‘’}])], ‘purchase_uom’: 1, ‘sale_uom’: 1}], {‘client’: ‘5e22ebdb-aebe-4421-b37f-3b3deb8eda9b’, ‘employee’: None, ‘company’: None, ‘language’: ‘en_US’, ‘language_direction’: ‘ltr’, ‘groups’: [4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, 10, 13, 12, 14, 15, 8, 7, 9]})

I did have the line ‘language = en_US’ in my config file under [database]. Thinking it may have been the issue I removed it and re-ran trytond-admin script and restarted trytond, but there was no change.

What other info can I supply to diagnose this problem?


Nevermind I found the issue, I didn’t have this option set to anything:


This is the default language but en_US does not exist. You must use en or create en_US.

The value is stored in ir.configuration at the database initialization.