I can't change the language of the Tryton interface

Hi people ,am using tryton 5.2 , i want to change the language of the tryton interface from English to German language
so i added this ligne

language = de
on trytond.conf to make the language by default german
then i updated the database by typing those two commands:
trytond/bin/trytond-admin -c trytond.conf --all -d testd
trytond/bin/trytond -c trytond.conf --dev

but nothing change .

also i tried go to administration then Localization —>Languages, i changed the language to German and i saved that , nothing change

Hi, has your Tryton user set German as its language in preferences?

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thank you , you helped me

on my localhost it working fine and the interface tryton become with German language , but when i try the same thing with the tryton interface but this time exist on a linux server , there was some words stay with english and other become with German language like Action ----> Aktion
why it works normally with my localhost and on server didn’t , is there another i should do it on the server !
thanks in advance.

I think you did not load the translations to the database. This can be achieved with:

trytond-admin -d <bbdd> -l de --all