Impossible to close a fiscal year (balance of the root account != 0)

I get this strange message when I try to close a fiscal year:

Error message: pour clôture l'année fiscale, la balance du compte "plan comptable normalisé (Belgique)" doit être de zéro

Which I could translate, in English, by “In order to close the fiscal year, the account balance “plan comptable normalisé (Belgique)” must be at zero”.

My tryton version is 5.2.7.

I do not understand where is the problem and how to fix it… Where should I look for ?

Thanks for your help.

It seems that the root account is not balanced. I guess this is due to an account not being under it.

I am going to investigate this track.

Thanks, @ced, it was indeed one account which was configured without any parent.

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