Export Supplier's Product from Purchase order

I have created a purchase order (Purchase/Purchases) with various items and want to export some of this data to a csv file. Specifically the columns “Product” and “Supplier’s Product”. I can get the column “Product” by selecting “Product/Code” in CSV Export but I cannot find any way to get “Supplier’s Product”.

Can someone tell me which field in the CSV Export will output “Supplier’s Product”?

You must add fields : Lines/Suppliers’s Product/Code and Lines/Suppliers’s Product/Name
Select this fields in the export Wizard.

I don’t seem to be able to do that.

If I select “Lines/Supplier’s Produce/Code” and add it to the “Fields Selected” it shows as
“Supplier’s Product/Code”. It doesn’t include “Lines”. But if I select for instance “Lines/ID” it shows as “Lines/ID” in the “Fields Selected” column.

I tested Exports on other modules and the behavior is the same, it never shows “Fields Selected” more than two deep.

I was going to try it on the demo page, but that isn’t working.

I am using version 5.6, could that have been a bug that was fixed later?

For me you are using a version of the client that does not have the fix for Issue 9595: Export window shows truncated path for field name selected - Tryton issue tracker.

My 5.6 would not have the fix installed so that explains why I only see one level deep.
Did that bug also affect what was exported, or only how it was displayed in the export window?

I should have continued with the export instead of stopping when I saw only one level deep.

The bug mentioned only affects the display, not what is output and I can now get the data I need.

Thank you for the help.

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