Csv export from client

New user - I must be missing something fundamental. I cannot see any method to export anything; no buttons, no menu items. I do see the ability to print 2 things from the left tree: “Print General Journal” and “Print Depreciation Table”, and they do work to Libreoffice, which is installed.
The tool bar at the top has email and print icons, but they are greyed out. There is no export icon.
Trytond --version is 5.6.8
Tryton --version is 5.6.5
I have looked for possible a module I need for csv export but I do not see any obvious ones.
Surfing for answers I see some references to menu items, but I have no menu at the top, just the tree on the left in the client. Maybe this is of no matter.
I have tried to find some export method for every view I can bring up: nothing.
Does client 5.6.5 have this capability?

Yup, that fundamental. You know I did see that menu when I first installed it.
Many thanks for such a quick reply for such a simple issue.

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