Add a shortcut in the toolbar for csv export and a list of predefined exports like for the reports

(Maxime Richez) #1


Users often needs to manipulate or view a lot of data’s. To avoid useless columns or too large list screen. We advise them to use csv export to get all data’s in one file. Predefined exports are very useful and can be defined ‘on the fly’ instead of reports. But, accessing csv export is not so easy/obvious (no shortcut) and then you have to resize the csv windows to correctly select the predefined export.


Adding a shortcut/icon in the toolbar with a list of predefined exports (like for the reports) and the first item of the list could be a link to open the csv export form.


(Sergi Almacellas Abellana) #2

Great idea! This will give more visibilty to the export feature which is difficult to discover be new users.

(Cédric Krier) #3

For me, we should show the export as if they were reports (like we show buttons like wizards).

(Nicolas Évrard) #4

I understand the logic but on the other hand using a specific button allows to have the first item for the generic CSV export window

(Cédric Krier) #5

I do not think it worth to display in front an entry for the CSV window. It is quite complex and something you use very rarely once the system is setup.
So for me, I prefer to limit the number of buttons upfront than adding because we already have too much of them.

(Prakhar) #6

IMO, the users like to use the bookmarked filters quite often and then export the data in a CSV format. We have seen this behaviour of users in several implementations. I will suggest that instead of giving an “Export CSV” in the toolbar, we can give it in front of the Filter bar.

(Cédric Krier) #7

There is an issue about skipping the export dialog, it is the CSV parameters. But we could use the default value ‘excel’ like Python and the UTF-8 encoding.

(Cédric Krier) #8

I have submitted Issue 8130: Add exports to print toolbar - Tryton issue tracker

(David Harper) #9

Wouldn’t it be better to store the CSV parameters as part of the saved export?

As these saved exports are being treated as reports, then this would mean they behave in a similar way to reports, where the output format of a report is stored with the report.

(Cédric Krier) #10

For me, it is better to have CSV format that depends on the platform and locale because most of the time, the file is opened in spreadsheet program which often behaves depending of the platform.