Add a shortcut in the toolbar for csv export and a list of predefined exports like for the reports


Users often needs to manipulate or view a lot of data’s. To avoid useless columns or too large list screen. We advise them to use csv export to get all data’s in one file. Predefined exports are very useful and can be defined ‘on the fly’ instead of reports. But, accessing csv export is not so easy/obvious (no shortcut) and then you have to resize the csv windows to correctly select the predefined export.


Adding a shortcut/icon in the toolbar with a list of predefined exports (like for the reports) and the first item of the list could be a link to open the csv export form.


Great idea! This will give more visibilty to the export feature which is difficult to discover be new users.

For me, we should show the export as if they were reports (like we show buttons like wizards).

I understand the logic but on the other hand using a specific button allows to have the first item for the generic CSV export window

I do not think it worth to display in front an entry for the CSV window. It is quite complex and something you use very rarely once the system is setup.
So for me, I prefer to limit the number of buttons upfront than adding because we already have too much of them.

IMO, the users like to use the bookmarked filters quite often and then export the data in a CSV format. We have seen this behaviour of users in several implementations. I will suggest that instead of giving an “Export CSV” in the toolbar, we can give it in front of the Filter bar.

There is an issue about skipping the export dialog, it is the CSV parameters. But we could use the default value ‘excel’ like Python and the UTF-8 encoding.

I have submitted Issue 8130: Add CSV exports to print toolbar - Tryton issue tracker


Wouldn’t it be better to store the CSV parameters as part of the saved export?

As these saved exports are being treated as reports, then this would mean they behave in a similar way to reports, where the output format of a report is stored with the report.

For me, it is better to have CSV format that depends on the platform and locale because most of the time, the file is opened in spreadsheet program which often behaves depending of the platform.

Comming a bit late to the discussion…

I think the current implementation of the attachments button is very good: users see the icon, click on it for the first time, they have an “Add” button and once added, they go back to the same button and they can see the attachment it is there.

And that is exactly what Maxime proposes for exports, and again I think it is intuitive for the user because once they’ve saved an export, they will find it in the same button they used to create it. There’s nothing to explain to the user really.

But, actually adding the saved export in the Printer button is completely random and needs training the user. The first time the user will save an export and the next time they want to use the export they will go to the same menu they used the first time, so they will not realize it’s available under the Printer icon.

The only reason for not adding the export icon is that the number of icons is already large but then, that is the issue to address - decide which icons are really necessary in the toolbar.

What I can see is that the GTK client (used for the screenshots) actually has 3 more icons than SAO:

  • Direct print
  • Send by e-mail a report
  • Get the URL

I’m going to talk for most our users here, I think all those 3 icons could be removed from the the GTK toolbar. I personally prefer to remove those three and add the specific export icon.

  • Direct print, can be configured in report actions
  • Send by e-mail does not work for any user using gmail and probably other webmail applications as the attachment can’t be sent to the application. So that considerably reduces the number of users -> Many users will never use that icon.
  • Get the URL, I can just say that we never used it in the GTK client. Your mileage may vary here but I’m pretty sure it’s not so frequently used it justifies being in the toolbar.

Another way of reducing the number of icons would be showing only the ones that are necessary under each circumstance. For example, it makes no sense to show the link or action button for a new record that has not been saved yet. Indeed, almost no icons should be available in that case except for the save one, and another for discarding changes (reload maybe). On the other hand, when a record has not been modified there’s no need for the save button, so it could be hidden, etc.

GMail is a good example of how icons are shown or hidden if one element is selected or not.

On a side note, also, probably the interface could be made a little bit simpler if the toolbox menu only had the actions that don’t already have an icon in the toolbar. That will make those “extra” options (delete, duplicate, record information, export and import) more accessible. An extra icon with the popoup menu like the screenshot below is probably what would be most intuitive as it follows the design of other apps such as Gmail (and many others):

Just my 2 cents…

It is not random. Running an export is creating/printing a document just like any other report. So they have their place under this button.

I do not see any problem here. Indeed for me, the change is not for the user who knows how to make an export but for those who do not know (and even do not see the difference with any other report).
Indeed I even think we should have some access right to store export or to share them globally.

Indeed it was not the reason I put. For me, the reason is that export/import are complex task, dedicated to only advanced users so it should not be exposed up front.

But should not, the freedom should be given to the user. This feature was mainly implemented on server side to solve the invoice layout issue (which is now fixed with the zip).

Well it is not our fault if people are using MUA with missing features.

I have often questions about “how to send the report by email”. And this is the perfect answer as we can even configure the destination email.

Maybe it is not frequently used but it will be even less if it is not there. We want to have this feature used as it solves a common issue about sharing document.

This is something we never do in the client because we prefer to have fixed places for button because it allow faster usage thanks to finger memory.

Normally they may be deactivated if they do not save the record automatically. But it has also drawback as it does not tell the user what to do to have access to the feature.

On GTK, this will prevent to have shortcut for them.

I do not think we must make them more accessible. It is not frequent actions.

Indeed, the current design is the result of constraints of GTK±2. But patch to improve the situation will be welcomed.

I completely agree here. I’ve always thought that allowing the system administrator to create exports for the other users will be a very good addition.

I think it could be like this:

  • exports are only visible to their creator
  • exports are only modifiable by their creator
  • administrator can flag exports to be visible to all

Idem for imports.

Would it be possible to flag a group or role? So we have a bit more control

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