CSV import for Products/Variants Attributes

I am trying to use the import in Products/Variants to import data with Attributes.
I created sample data in Products/Variants and did a export to csv to see the data format.

Sample data csv contains:
ox1,{‘footprint’: ‘0603’}

I then deleted the entry and tried to import the previously exported csv values and I get this error:
Fault: dictionary update sequence element #0 has length 1; 2 is required

I am selecting Code and Attributes for the fields when importing.
I tried adding the Product Template but that made no difference.

I can import other data without issue. Maybe the format that is exported is not the format the import wants?

The importation of Dict field is not supported for now, see Issue 9262: Importing dict value from CSV file - Tryton issue tracker

Ok, thanks for confirming.