Product attribute change in version 5.8?

I went to the demo server, enabled product_attribute to see if maybe the export function had improved
where you could actually export the values instead of just getting [object Object].

But I was unable to get attributes to work. I created an attribute and attribute set then created a new
product with the attribute set, but when I created a variant from the new product, the attributes tab did not display.

I think it is just that your session has in cache the form view before the module is activated.
Side note the export of dict has not yet been implemented (I filled Issue 9953: Add support to export/import Dict field in CSV - Tryton issue tracker otherwise for sure it will never be implemented if anybody knows it is missing).

I was afraid the attributes feature had changed in a bad way (for me). I use it a lot and was one of the main reasons I went with Tryton.

Thanks for creating the csv issue.

It did not change since its first version: modules/product_attribute: 89481deb4571 CHANGELOG
But we added support for MultiSelection and help in 5.6, to customize keys order in 5.4, validate selection format, search on key values, order record by key values in 5.2…

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