More than one sets of attribute on a product variant


I testing Tryton and have a question about the product module. Is it possible to set more the one attrubute set of a variant of a product? For example a rod bar can be made of a different materials, different surfaces, heat treatments, … etc. . (minumum example). In the docs is nothig written about of the amount of attribute sets and i was not able to set more than one. Als i found nothing about that in the forum seach.

For information, i use Tryton 5.0 with Posgres 11.4-1 and Debian 10.


The variant is the actual product, so in your case it can have only one material. Also as the name implies attribute set is a set of attributes. So in a set you add all your attributes which applies to that particular kind of product (variant).

In your case you can create the attributes:

  • material (you can add a predefined list of materials)
  • treatment
  • surface finish

Then you create a set and add those attributes to it. In you variant you are then able to select those attributes and select the right material, treatment etc for that material. You can even go a bit further and add also the dimensions (40 (width) x 5 (thickness) ) and length to the set attributes.

All the attributes can exists in many sets.

In short, there is no need to have more than one attribute set on a product.

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Thanks, works!


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