Relation not found:"Account" in account.account

I want to export via a csv file all the customer invoices exist in tryton version 5.2 and then import it in tyton 6.0 ,
some of the state of customer invoices are posted , the other are cancelled. the financial module is related to the notification email module.

so I want to know is it possible to do that?

I have tried that as a test on my tryton 6 with importing the data as a csv file and and then export the same file data (the fields selected during export the file is the same of the fields selected during the import of the file):

but there was an error tell me : Relation not found:“Account” in account.account’


Ps: I have noticed that during export, there were some fields exist that are not exit during import.

thanks in advance.

Good luck. There is no point to do such hard work, just update the database.

How to do that by just update the database !?

the database is exit in tryton version 5.2 and i want to just to got from it the customer invoices and them import them in tryton version 6.
thanks M.@ced.

Like this: How to setup a database — trytond latest documentation

@thanks M.ced, I guess you didn’t understand me: what i have and what i want to do maybe because i didn’t give you all the details , indeed i don’t want to migrate from tryton 5.2 to tryton 6.0 ( I have tryton 5.2 in a server and the other one tryton 6.0 is in another server)and in the same way i didn’t get you how can the update of the database related to my issue problem(copy some specifc data from a version to another version), My goal is that i want to export a specifc data(customer invoices posted and cancelled with their fields(tax,lines,invoice date,…)) exist in another tryton and import in my new version.thanks again M.@ced.

Tryton is based on relational data. Your request does not make sense because invoices are not just what you said. They are linked to workflow, referential data but also they create accounting move etc.

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