Can I take more computer resources in Tryton?

Hello everyone !
Today I’ve a specific situation:

I’ve a virtual machine with 16GB Ram, CPU 16 cores, and SSD 250 GB, Postgres 14 and Tryton running 16GB my Ubuntu Server 22.04

When I try to generate payrolls , it takes a long time. When I review the performance of my server, it only takes 2 cores. It must take all the cores and the 100% capacity of the CPU. How should it be configured to achieve it?

Thanks !

You should try to find the bootleneck. We do not have any module to generate payrolls so for me the first step will be to audit the code. If code is not optimitzed you can have a lot of hardware but it won’t be used by the system.

Normally a single request is used by a single core so I do not think you will be able to get more performance.

If you are dealing with a lot of records you may increase some of the cache values. This will allow tryton to use more RAM from the system. Here is the related documentation:

You should also consider optimizing PostgreSQL to be more performant.

Hope it helps!

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