Slow when using tryton desktop client

Im using a laptop which has a pentium processor and hdd and a windows 10 os and the client is running very slowly like a 2 minute loading between the right side menu item. Im not using wsl or virtual box for the server and just install using pip and using a python venv feature. The only modules i installed is the sales and stock modules. Is the client really heavy? Or does my laptop just suck

What are you calling “apps”?

Sorry not apps but the side menu items

That’s probably a network issue. Usually firewall or DNS are the problem.

Wait firewall and dsn affects locally accesed tryton server?

Why don’t you try to check your PC process and ram consumpiton. Client it’s very light and fast when you’re working on localhost. Maybe you can try use ip instead of localhost just in case.

I havent tried local ip yet. Is there some config changes i need to do?

Try to have all (trytond, postgresql) to bind, and connect client to this address.

Have you run and clean up tools on your laptop.Like Cleaner or malwarebytes to make sure laptop doesnt have spyware or old temp files files slowing it down? Low hard drive space I think I would start with cleaning the laptop and trying it PM me let me know how it goes. Im a SYS Admin for a living. Thanks TelematicMan

Extended Cleanmgr to delete WinSXS

%SystemRoot%\System32\Cmd.exe /c Cleanmgr /sageset:65535
then run to actaully do the cleanup-across-domain-computers Cleanmgr /sagerun:65535

Another MASSIVE drive space user is the CBS logs located in c:\windows\logs\cbs When a windows update is corrupted for whatever reason, the log files in that folder can eat tens-hundreds of gigs in a week. (I had one user that had 133 GB of CBSPersist log files generated over a month

Hi sorry for the late reply been busy lately.

How safe is that method? Im scared modifying my registries. Is there a way to revert back my action if ever i have applied this fix just in case something goes wrong

If you are using CCleaner it will ask if if you want to back up the registry. I save it on C:\ drive and name CC.reg so it would be easy to restore but so far In the 800+ machines it has never been an issue not to say it couldn’t be though safe then sorry. You can also just use the free version to do a cleanup.

If you are using the Extended clean I posted above that is actually a Windows tool built in and it “knows” what to do and you select what you want to remove. Thanks!

I tried and tested local client connecting to the demo site and it loads things much faster. I think the problem for me lies on my local server trytond. I wonder if its because of the pentium processor. Anyone can try on a pentium processor on thier end

I am not sure where your server is located or how many users. BUt I was direct to to try out they have hosted server @ the best price and great customer service! I am a Sys Admin for a living and using their service has been awesome. I use it for my Tryton and now a separate server my website. The great thing is the my Awesome Dev Constantine can let me know when he wants to test some code and I can just spin up a clone of the existing server with all the current data to test on then when he is done I just destroy the clone server and this way I only pay for what I use when I need it! This also gives us full control over the server and the data to as we wish without the expense and hassle of having the physical box. With Tryton being a web app I have people working remotely as well. The small price I pay for this awesome service actually pays for itself in the long run. This I have no hardware OS maintenance bandwidth costs. I believe Linode has a free credit/ trial offer check it out and see what you think.

Try Linode Free with $100 Credit

Hi @tryhard,

I can host your Tryton instance for you on our server, if you wish.


Can you teach me step by step on how to deploy on a linode server?

Sure I can it is super easy. Do you use Telegram we can talk on that so we dont make a bunch off posts not needed on the forum. Ill send you a PM.