Need advice and help regarding installing and editing tryton

Hi i wanna install tryton both the server and client on my personal laptop runnjng windows 10. Note that this is not a server. I have a couple of question

  1. Im using the pip install method when installing tryton server and client. I got the server installed with no error but when i went to install the client it gives me an error.
<The rest are red texts>
Microsoft visual c++14.0 is required 

Is it really required to install ms visual c++? Im asking this because in the guide it didnt say anything about installing c++

  1. How do you start the server or open the client if i use this method of installation.

  2. Is it possible to edit the client?any guide to help me? Like change the look and feel? If i made the changes do i need to repackge it again? Sorry if i asked a stupid question. Im new to this sort of thing

  3. Is there a guideline to package everything in an installer? Like python postgre tryton server and client

  4. How do you disable web ui so no one can access it.

  5. After the postgresql installer finished installing it launched buildstack. Do i need to install anything using the buildstack?

  6. I havent installed any module yet. What module is the most necessary?

There is an windows instaler for the tryton client available on our download page

The docker image contains the server with all the modules and the webclient. So if you use it you only need to install the clients on each machine connecting to the server.

The web UI is not installed by default, so if you do not install it there is no web client to disable.

It depends on the needs of the company and what you try to achieve with Tryton. Some companies use a bigger set than others because they require more features. That’s why we designed the system taking in account modularity.


Thanks for the reply

Does docker also work for windows? Im afarid my laptop that has a pentium processor on it might not be able to run it properly

I have never tried it but as far i see they there is a documentation on how to run docker on windows. So it should work.