Book invoice against another account

For a startup I need to book invoices against a SKR03 0730 account. How do I do that?
I have created an invoice, which is booked to the SKR03 4950 account. The payment does not come from the cash account but needs to be booked against the 0730 account.

Even this is German specific, it’s not the invoice itself but the invoice lines which are booked against something. On each invoice line you have an Account field and that’s where you have to enter the right account. Creating an invoice line will use the account from the product when you select a product. So in that case you have to change the account on the product, which to be honest can be a bit cumbersome if you don’t know the pattern.

A bit of clarification:
Products basically don’t have any link with accounting. This is done through product categories. On product categories you can check the field Accounting which then allows you to set the accounts for revenue and expenses as well as the taxes to be applied when sold or purchased the product. To make life easier you can define all the accounting properties on the top level and then create children which take the accounting properties from the parent.

On products you have two fields for the product categories:

  • on tab General you can add as much categories as you want
  • on tab Accounting you add a specific category which has Accounting checked and you choose here the category which has the right accounts

Back to your problem:
If you are using products, you have to make some changes on the product categories. Or if you want to test something:

  • create a new product category
  • check Accounting
  • add the different accounts
  • add the different taxes
  • replace the Account Category on tab Accounting on Product with the new category
  • create a new invoice and add the product and see which account is taken

Thanks Edbo for your deep insight. Apparently my question was misleading. I am not talking about a product of my company. I am talking about an invoice for a product, actually a service, that we bought from a consultant. However, the invoice was not paid through the company account but with the credit card of one of the founders. This I have to map correctly in the system. The invoice is booked against account 4950 consultant services. The invoice, however is not paid by the company but causes a debt against one of the founders which should be booked against account 0730. An additional complication are the taxes, since the invoice includes tax. I hope the problem is clearer now.

Yes, I understand it now. But that said, I’m not a financial expert nor accountant. This is a question for them. They can tell you exactly what you have to do, which accounts to use etc. Then you have to map that to Tryton. I think you have to use some account moves to correct this.

You just need to create a manual move from the invoice payable account to the founders debt. This way you will be able to reconcile the invoice with the payment of the founder and note that you have some debt with them.

Thanks for the input. I ended up creating an account move as described by pokoli and edbo. With the ‘duplicate’ option I can handle similar bookings.

You can also think of adding an account move template which can handle this for you. There was a discussing about it and I added a small guide how to create a template for a fuel receipt Move template basics - #5 by edbo including taxes.