Using PostgreSQL schemas in Tryton

Is it possible to use PostgreSQL schemes in Tryton?

I guess you are talking about schemas.
And yes, Tryton supports them. But they must be defined in the search_path of the PG user and they are not explicitly used in the Model definition. Tryton will uses the first table found in the search_path.

I wrote some times ago a post that explain how to use this feature to share some tables between two databases.


  1. Is it possible for a user to choose a schema at the moment of connecting to database?
  2. Is it possible for different users to work with different schemas at the same time?

What users are you talking about? Tryton has only one database user.

I’m talking about Tryton Client users.

The user already choose the database so you can set a search_path per database.

Can the user dynamically set the search_path in Tryton Client?

No, this will be major breakage.