The use of Databases in Tryton - Many Organizations - Many years

how are databases set up for many organizations/businesses (also for many accounting years in each) ? Are there many databases installed, or can one login to one database handle many organizations and handle many years?

You can use a database for multicompany or a single database for each company. It depends on how you setup and the requirements (if data should be shared, if all companies use the same set od modules, etc.)

Thank you. What can you say about the accounting for many years in each company? Each fiscal year should have one database?

If we use many companies in one database, can we then give different access rights per each company?

No. All the fiscal years remain in the same database.

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No, each fiscalyear should be on the same database as we need to comulate balances from previous fiscalyears in order to have correct accounting values.

Of course, you can have some users that only access one company but others that access all companies.

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If you manage several companies in a single database, you must

  • manage access rights across more complexity
  • synchronize maintenance of all companies
  • keep it centralized for all life cycle

You should have a good reason to go that way.

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