User Interface (Masterpost)

As defined on TUB23, here the start of GUI development. This is the master-post and only links to sub-posts. For any further requests, make a separate post and tell me so I can reference it here. Cheers, Stefan.





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Rather optimistically, one general thing that I would really like to see is improved separation of the content (and code) from the style. It would be great if we could (almost always) keep the style out of the code and in the css.

There are many elements that have style attributes added to them in the code, and this makes it hard to make any significant changes to the layout using a custom.css file as style attributes always override any normal css. In many cases I think we could move these styles and put them in classes which are then added / removed from the element’s class attribute.

It would also be quite nice if we could move some more of the styling into the default theme, so there is less styling that needs to be overridden or reverted if you want to switch to a different theme defined in a custom.css file. At the moment if you remove the default theme from the page very little changes.

I think improvements in those areas would make it easier to customize the way Sao looks, and would also probably make it easier to style Sao for mobile devices.