Usage of timesheet module

Well, I found out:

  • obviously, I need to create “works”
  • a little less obvious, I need to create an employee as a “party”, even if that person (me) already exists as contact of a party (my company)

With the wizard, I can now create timesheet entries. But now:
How can I invoice these entries? - Guess, there must be a link between timesheet and sales, which I could not yet find.
Who can help?

Thanks a lot in advance,

You should activate the project invoice module.

This will allow you to create a project and define the party to invoice and how this party should be invoiced. One of the methods is based on timesheets.

You should set the Timesheet flag for project (or any of it’s children tasks/projects.
This will automatically create a work related to the project so you will be able to add timesheet lines to the project and invoice them latter to the customer.

Hope it helps!

Hi, thank you very much.
I think I succeeded with creating a project etc. till “add timesheet lines”. But now - how do I actually invoice?
In “sales” or “customer invoice”, when trying to add products, I do not find the timesheet positions. Are they not a product, but called by another control?

And I guess, somewhere I should add a product “consulting 1hr at 50€/hr” - true? - Where?

Thanks lot in advance,

Once you activate the project_invoice you should see a dropdown to select the invoice method of the projects (for your case you should select timesheet) and a button to create the invoice.

Your guess is right. You should create it on the product list, by setting the unit to hours and the unit price to 50€. Then you just need to select this product on the project.

Allright. Understood all of that and it works. You’re a good one…(:+1:t3:
Now I’d like to present my customers date and time (“from hh:mm to hh:mm”) in the invoice?
My guess is that tryton can handle that as well…?


Currenty this information is not stored no the timesheet line, only the duration.

If you want to show the duration on the invoice you should search all the timesheet lines that are related to the invoice_line (there is as a Many2One field on the timesheet line that indicates the invoices on which is included).